From a current Motor Trend article… (highlights mine).

The semi-autonomous Autopilot system, which has gotten its share of bad press lately, is still a technological marvel, reducing the driver’s workload by an order of magnitude and making the driving experience a stress-free affair while on a well-marked highway.

This, in itself, makes semi-automated vehicles desirable. While the “order of magnitude” MAY be an exaggeration in 2016, it will be an understatement in 2020. And that is with driver-required! Tesla’s price will have moderated by then, and they will not be alone in the market.

The semi-automated push past the urban edge is about to blindside a lot of planners and plans. I cannot see how to mitigate this without affordable housing, higher livability metrics, better biking and far better transit in our cities.

Not convinced? This RCCAO report may shift your thinking while showing a way out.

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