In order to get an early start on studying mixed-use autonomous, non-autonomous driving, Toronto has begun a pilot to try mixing traffic in our new shared-use courier-and-bike lanes. This is a significant advance over just a few years ago when we had only car lanes, and it shows considerable foresight in transportation planning, for which Toronto should be very proud. Here is how it works:

First, a FedEx delivery vehicle parks in the shared lane.

Second, cyclists pass using the gutter to the right of the truck.

Third, as the cyclist passes she gets smacked off her bike by the rear-view mirror. Note the cool skidmark her pedal made.  Her daughter on the second bike ended up falling, as well.

This enlightening sequence was captured fortuitously by Howard Chang, CEO of Top Drawer Creative here in Toronto. Howard is an avid cyclist who just happened to take the first two photos in protest and the third action photo was caught as he happened to have his cell phone out.

No courier drivers were hurt taking these pictures, largely because when confronted the FedEx driver fled the scene.  Good thing these trucks will become autonomous.

(Thanks and photo credits to Howard Chang!)

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