Disrupted by technology and politics! – The future of the taxi medallion system & for-hire ground transportation industry. From Wim Faber’s Taxi Intelligence newsletter


  • Shows a larger view being taken regarding Taxi and FHV industries under one legislative umbrella
  • A likely preview of the coming inclusion of robo-taxis, 2020+
  • Shows growing movement toward one taxi app, which would be the minor half of a full MaaS system now and the majority half of a full MaaS system 2025+)

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Cost basis for the coming and far greater disruption: Cost-based Analysis of Autonomous Mobility Services

This cost analysis, while likely flawed due to a large number of assumptions, is the best-reasoned I have seen to date. Only contingency, surveillance, and fleet security were ignored in the cost model. I would suggest adding on the order of 20% to the estimates derived.  Still, this puts the current for-hire spectrum, including buses, at significant risk.

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