ITS World Congress, Montreal 2017.10.30 “Managing Massive Shared Fleets of Automated Vehicles”

Lunch&Learn (Toronto, 2017.10.19) “Our Future Without Drivers – Solutions for our cities

CanaData (Toronto, 2017.09.21) “The Challenges for Construction in a World of Unprecedented Technological Change

SmartDrivingCar Summit, Princeton, 2017. 05.17, “Automated vehicles: Challenges and opportunities for communities

Hunter College, Futurists, 2017 04 24,

Amazon’s 1st Radical Urban Transportation Salon, 2017.04.21 “Massive autonomous fleets: Private or shared?” and the annotated version of the presentation.

Ontario Public Transit Association annual conference, 2017.04.10 “What do Autonomous Vehicles mean for public transit?

Insurance Institute of Canada, Chapter meeting, 2017.02.03, Two markets for vehicle automation and what this means to future projections

UTRC’s Fifth Symposium on Automated and Connected Vehicles, NYU Tandon School of Engineering, Brooklyn 2016.12.08, “Two Markets for Automated Vehicles

Transportation Association of Canada, 2016.09.27, “Automated Vehicles: Virtue or Vice” (paper)  and (presentation)

Ministry of Transportation, Ontario, 2016.06.17, “Why and how to get to automated transit and transportation faster

Insurance Institute of Canada, Research Forum, 2016.05.25, “Toward Autonomous Transit”

Canadian Transportation Research Forum, 2016.05.02, “How can cities prepare for autonomous vehicles?”

Mississauga Leadership Conference, 2016.04.11, “Ready for Driverless Cars?”

Transport Futures: HOT Lanes Forum, 2016.01.22, “Taking the Plunge: Preparing for HOT Deployment in Ontario”

Florida Automated Vehicle Summit, 2015.12.1, “Making the Leap Toward Sustainable Urban Robo-­Transit”

MIT Disrupting Mobility Summit, 2015.11.12, “Making the Leap Toward Sustainable Urban Robo-­Transit”

Mississauga Moves, 2015.11.09. “How should we prepare for Autonomous vehicles?”

Transport Futures: The Future of the Car, 2015.09.17, “Transit Leap: A Sure Route to the Autonomous Vehicle” (YouTube of presentation)

Transport Futures: Road Pricing & Parking Workshop. 2014.11.24. “Fixing a Broken Parking System: Pricing and enforcement reform”