Speaking Engagements:

Thank you so much for your contribution to our May 25th research forum on automated vehicles. I wanted to ensure the forum included the big, full picture on vehicle automation, and as one of our panelists, you helped deliver that. Your information and insight was well received by our members.”

Margaret Parent
The Insurance Institute of Canada

Bern is one of only a few transportation experts that truly connects the dots on road pricing, parking and automated vehicles.  As a result of his comprehensive understanding of engineering, business, environment, technology, public acceptance and politics, he is able to synthesize these complex mobility issues and suggest cutting-edge solutions in his talk and his writing.  I look forward to having him speak at Transport Futures for a fourth time very soon!

Martin Collier, MES (Pl.)
Founder, Transport Futures

I was very pleased with your content and delivery! Your message is a real eye-opener, especially as your research evolves. I was so pleased to have you present for us again.

Margaret Parent
The Insurance Institute of Canada

Regarding the report: Ontario Must Prepare for Vehicle Automation

Bravo!  This is a really excellent report. Probably best that I’ve seen. The Key Findings & Recommendations …  Ch 5.1: Tension between the two streams of vehicle automation…  and, of course Ch 10: Ownership (the business model) is more important than technology.

Alain L. Kornhauser, PhD, Professor, Operations Research & Financial Engineering,
Director, Transportation Program, Faculty Chair, Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering

Everyone involved with planning the transportation infrastructure for the next 40 years should download and read this very important study

Robert W. Poole, Jr.  Reason Foundation

This is an excellent report – one of the best I’ve seen on the topic. Bravo!!!

Michael Roschlau, President & Chief Executive Officer,
Canadian Urban Transit Association 1998 – 2015

A fascinating and carefully argued report

Maclean’s Magazine (click for scanned page)

A really impressive report… may be the most comprehensive yet issued

Wendell Cox, Demographia,
senior fellow at the Center for Opportunity Urbanism,
and at the Frontier Centre for Public Policy