Should you take the view ‘if we hold back and wait for a few years then autonomous vehicles will cure all our problems’,  reading the opinions of two experts in the field (see page 62 and page 64may make you think again.

Caught between a tide of rising population, increasing urbanisation and ever-tighter budgetary constraints, today’s DOTs are no place for the feint hearted.

ITS, Colin Sowman, Editor

It is as important to read some refreshing AV anti-hype as it is the usual AV hype. Based on feedback, we surmise readers of this blog have fainter pink in their glasses anyway.

Colin Sowman’s “DOTS are no place for the feint hearted” echos our repeated assertion that we have entered the most difficult 25-year planning horizon in urban and transportation history.  If you are thinking your 11-year old will never drive a car, your brother will lose his driving job in 2020, and your local parking garage will be converted to a dog park in 2022, you should read the short links above. Just two pages.

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